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Ski touring mastery: a comprehensive course

Level: Beginners
Start date: 9 February
End date: 14 April
Participants: Max 6

My goal

It sounds like you’re in for an exciting and comprehensive ski touring course on the slopes of Monte Rosa! This type of course offers a fantastic opportunity to develop essential skills and knowledge for safe and enjoyable mountain travel. Celebrating 4 days of freeriding and ski mountaineering together, where you’ll master the art of self-sufficiency for your upcoming adventures. Are you ready to experience the thrill of ski touring Monte Rosa and take your mountain skills to new heights? Join us for an unforgettable journey on the snowy slopes!

Mountain Caresses: the touch of ski mountaineering

Check the webcams before heading out.

€ 690,00 / person per 4 days course

The price includes: 4 days with a IFMGA mountain guide, lifts, half board in the refuge, safty kit (artva, probe, shovel).

Day 1: Introduction and equipment familiarization


  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Overview of the course objectives and itinerary.
  • Gear check and discussion on essential equipment for ski mountaineering.


  • Basic skiing techniques for different snow conditions.
  • Introduction to climbing skins and their use.

Day 2: Mountain navigation and topography


  • Understanding topographic maps.
  • Navigation skills for mountain terrain.
  • Planning a route considering elevation, slope, and potential hazards.


  • Guided tour with a focus on navigation and route planning.
  • Practice using maps and compass in the field.

Day 3: Climbing Techniques and Self-Rescue


  • Techniques for efficient climbing with skins.
  • Introduction to proper use of ski poles during ascents.


  • Avalanche awareness and safety.
  • Practical session on self-rescue maneuvers in avalanche scenarios.
  • ski touring to Capanna Gnifetti, dinner and overnight stay

Day 4: Advanced Skills and Recap


  • Advanced climbing techniques.
  • Discussion on assessing snow conditions and choosing suitable routes.


  • Recap of the entire course.
  • Q&A session.
  • Final guided ski mountaineering tour to practice learned skills.

Ski wear, skins, ski touring equippement, safety kit (artva, probe, shovel).

Overall Focus

  • Safety first:
    • Emphasis on safety protocols in the mountain environment.
    • Understanding and interpreting avalanche forecasts.
  • Mountain Knowledge:
    • Snow science and its impact on skiing conditions.
    • Reading and interpreting the landscape for potential hazards.
  • Practical Experience:
    • Hands-on application of skills learned each day through guided tours.
    • Constant feedback and improvement throughout the course.

Course Outcome

  • Empowerment:
    • Participants should feel confident in planning and executing their ski mountaineering trips.
    • Enhanced awareness of their surroundings and the ability to make informed decisions.

This ski mountaineering course offers a holistic approach to learning, combining theory with 4 days of practical skiing experiences to ensure that participants leave with a solid foundation for future mountain adventures. Enjoy your time on Monte Rosa and stay safe!

FAQ #1 – In case of bad weather, can I reschedule my trip?
Yes, trips can be rescheduled if weather conditions do not allow the ascent.
FAQ #2 – What is the required fitness level?
To undertake a ski mountaineering ascent, it is necessary to be able to ski on a black slope. Physical endurance, strong legs, and good breath are also required.
FAQ #3 – Is it necessary to have an ABS backpack?
For ski mountaineering trips, the safety kit consisting of an avalanche transceiver (artva), shovel, and probe is mandatory. We provide it if booked within 30 days before the ascent.
FAQ #4 – Can the proposed experiences change?
Certainly! The experiences we offer depend on snow conditions and weather. The assigned guide will suggest similar but alternative routes if the booked excursion is not suitable for the chosen date

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Ski touring mastery: a comprehensive course