Freeride week: liberate your snow enthusiasm

Level: Enthusiast
Start date: 1 December
End date: 14 April
Participants: Max 7

My goal

Get ready for an extraordinary five-day off-piste adventure in the freeride haven of Monte Rosa, with starting points available in either Alagna or Gressoney.

During your trip, you’ll explore historic Walser huts in Val d’Otro, discovering the region’s culture. You’ll also visit hidden spots in Alta Valsesia Natural Park, surrounded by stunning nature. Journey through the captivating Valdostan Lost Valley to the breathtaking Alataluce viewpoint.

While a week isn’t enough for everything, it’s a captivating start to your adventure in Monte Rosa’s freeride paradise. You’ll experience thrilling trails and vast snowscapes, setting the tone for an exciting journey ahead.

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1 skier € 2100,00
2 skiers € 1300,00 / person
3 skiers € 990,00 / person
4 skiers € 830,00 / person
5 skiers € 730,00 / person
6 skiers € 660,00 / person
7 skiers € 610,00 / person

The price includes: Mountain Guide IFMGA for 5 days, Monterosaski 6-day ski pass, technical equipment (harness, crampons), safety kit (subject to availability).

Day 0
Connect with your ski guide at the Monterosabooking – Alagna.it offices at 5:00 PM. If you can’t make it in person, we’ll give you a call to better understand your preferences. We’ll go over equipment details and tailor the plan for the upcoming off-piste day, factoring in the weather and snow conditions.

Day 1 – 5
You’ll ski until the lifts close or until your legs decide it’s time to conclude the day’s adventure. Each day, we’ll choose the area with the best snow conditions and propose the most suitable adventure, whether it’s ski mountaineering, steep descents, couloirs, or summit goals, prioritizing the snow conditions and your objectives. Together, we’ll select the right day for iconic descents; now, start gathering information about what Malfatta is!

Ski clothing, off-piste skis or ski mountaineering (if you need to rent equipment, ask without hesitation, we will be happy to recommend the most suitable equipment) safety kit

During a freeride day, a guide can accompany a maximum of 7 people.
A day of freeriding opens with memorable descents easily reachable with lifts, but you can also choose short sections with skins to approach hidden channels, steep descents, and more straightforward routes. Getting to know your guide the day before will help you plan your experience better.
To participate in our freeride days, proficiency in skiing on black slopes is required.

Alagna and Gressoney are known as “Freeride Paradise” for the many off-piste itineraries in the area. These locations are renowned for their natural beauty, diverse ski terrain, and opportunities to experience the freedom of off-piste skiing in untouched and uncontrolled areas.
FAQ #2 – Can I book a freeride day with a mixed group of friends, including snowboarders and skiers?
Certainly, no problem. However, you should be aware that not all itineraries are suitable for both disciplines, and skiers may be limited in the number of descents possible.
FAQ #3 – How is a freeride day organized?
The guide will do a test descent with you and build the most suitable itinerary for the group, taking into account the best snow conditions.
FAQ #4 – Can the proposed experiences change?
Certainly! The experiences we offer depend on snow conditions and weather. The assigned guide will suggest similar but alternative routes if the booked excursion is not suitable for the chosen date.
FAQ #5 – Is it necessary to have an ABS backpack?
For ski mountaineering trips, the safety kit consisting of an avalanche transceiver (artva), shovel, and probe is mandatory. We provide it if booked within 30 days before the ascent.
FAQ #6 – What is the required fitness level?
To undertake a ski mountaineering ascent, it is necessary to be able to ski on a black slope. Physical endurance, strong legs, and good breath are also required.
FAQ #7 – In case of In case of bad weather, can I reschedule my trip?
Yes, trips can be rescheduled if weather conditions do not allow the ascent.

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Freeride week: liberate your snow enthusiasm