The Western Breithorn 4165 m

Level: Beginners
Start date: 1 June
End date: 15 September
Participants: Max 5

My goal

Embark on an engaging mountaineering experience in the stunning Cervino massif. Ascending Breithorn, located in the Monte Rosa range and towering as the westernmost 4000-meter peak when seen from Italy, stands as one of the most accessible climbs for novice mountaineers.

Thanks to the convenient Cervinia lift facilities, the ascent to the summit entails a moderate elevation gain. Allowing for a relatively effortless day-long adventure. Ascending Breithorn presents a perfect blend of manageable challenge and breathtaking views.  It provides an ideal introduction to mountaineering amidst the iconic beauty of the Alps.

For an even more immersive experience, check out the live panorama from the webcam.  Capture the majestic scenery and inspiring vistas of the surrounding Alpine landscape. As you envision yourself ascending Breithorn, the allure of the Alps becomes even more captivating.

1 alpinist € 560,00
2 alpinists € 320,00 / person
3 alpinists € 240,00 / person
4 alpinists € 200,00 / person
5 alpinists € 180,00 / person
The price includes
IFMGA  mountain guide, ski pass, necessary equipment (harness, crampons).

Meeting with the guide 15 minutes before the opening of the lifts at the ticket office of Plateau Rosa, equipment check, and distribution of technical gear. We will reach the 3,489 meters of Plateau Rosa, where the ascent will begin. Tied in a roped party with crampons on our feet, we will climb the Colle del Breithorn to delve into the glacier and start breathing in the icy horizons that range from Monte Rosa to Mont Blanc to Gran Paradiso. We will then ascend along the southwest slope, conquering the snowy summit of Breithorn in about 3 hours. In this extraordinary adventure, you will have the privilege of admiring breathtaking panoramas and savoring the thrill of reaching the top of this iconic mountain. Are you ready to experience an unforgettable alpine adventure, where the beauty of the landscapes will blend with the excitement of a climb that will lead you to the realm of 4,000 meters?

– layers of clothing for the upper body (thermal shirt, heavy fleece, windproof jacket.)
– gloves (soft and ski ones)
– sunglasses (with 3 or 4 protection)
– heavy trousers (windproof)
– rigid, waterproof boots.
– ski socks
– hat that covers your ears
– sun screen & lip balm
– telescopic poles
– 1lt water bottle/thermos
– harness & crampons

The Breithorn, typically rated as F+, represents an accessible climb, ideal for mountaineers looking to venture into alpinism. The route provides a reasonable challenge with passages of ice and snow climbing, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a rewarding alpine experience

Difficulty: F + Easy glacier hike
Climbing time: 3 hours
Elevation gain: Approximately 700 m

FAQ #1 – Will I suffer from altitude sickness?
High altitude can cause altitude sickness, with symptoms such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people adapt more easily to altitude than others. If possible, gradual acclimatization by spending time at higher altitudes before reaching 4000 meters can help reduce altitude sickness symptoms. Good physical fitness can also aid adaptation to altitude.
FAQ #2 – Are there any medications that can help with altitude sickness?
Altitude sickness is highly subjective, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is advisable to bring only the headache and nausea medications that you are already familiar with and have used before. Nevertheless, we recommend consulting your primary healthcare provider for personalized advice
FAQ #3 – What happens if I feel unwell during the ascent?
If you feel unwell in the refuge, we will organize an early descent. If you feel unwell along the route, we will turn back. In the case of severe discomfort, the accompanying guide will alert rescue services, and you will be evacuated by helicopter.
FAQ #4 – Can I join a group if I’m alone?
Of course! Select the experience you would like to join, you will find all available dates on the group outings page here
FAQ #5 – What altitude is reached on this excursion?
The Breithorn, the westernmost 4000-meter peak of the Monte Rosa massif as seen from Italy, reaches an elevation of 4165 meters. It is one of the most accessible climbs for those venturing into the world of mountaineering.
FAQ #6 – Can I rent high mountain clothing and equipment?
You can rent equipment (boots, poles, ice axe) in Alagna, Gressoney and Champoluc. However, it will not be possible to rent clothing.
FAQ #7 – If I do not reach the summit, will I be refunded?
No, there will be no refunds as you will have already used the refuge, guide, and lifts.
FAQ #7 – What is the required fitness level for the excursion??
To successfully complete this experience, you need good physical endurance and training that allows you to sustain at least 4/5 hours of uphill walking plus the same amount in descent.

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The Western Breithorn 4165 m