Alagna-Gressoney: majestic ski touring symphony

Level: Beginner
Start date: 1 December
End date: 14 April
Participants: 7

My goal

Discover a winter paradise for ski touring in Alagna Gressoney, with 21 peaks over 4000 m, 24 summits exceeding 3000 m, and 3 high-altitude refuges in the Alpine arc. Our base camps at the Mantova and Gnifetti Huts offer ideal starting points to explore the generous slopes and varied exposures between Alagna and Gressoney for ski touring. Leave your mark on Monterosa Ski’s snowy terrain. Whether you’re seeking challenging ascents or breathtaking descents, this region offers an unforgettable ski touring experience for all levels of adventurers.

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Mountain Caresses: The Touch Of Ski Touring On Monte Rosa

1 skier € 360
2 skiers € 180,00 /person
3 skiers € 130,00 /person
4 skiers € 110,00 /person
5 skiers € 90,00 /person
6 skiers € 80,00 /person
7 skiers € 75,00 /person

The price includes: a day with a IFMGA mountain guide, safty kit (artva, probe, shovel)

The price doesn’t include: lifts and meal

A day of ski mountaineering with the Monte Rosa guides to discover the hidden corners of the massif.

Choose the guides of Monte Rosa, born and raised between Alagna, Gressoney, and Ayas. They will reveal the hidden corners of their beloved mountain for a unique and unforgettable ski mountaineering experience.

Ski wear, skins, ski touring equippement, safety kit (artva, probe, shovel)

Trial will be chosen according to snow conditions.

Safety kit available until we run out of stock.

FAQ #1 – In case of bad weather, can I reschedule my trip?
Yes, trips can be rescheduled if weather conditions do not allow the ascent.
FAQ #2 – What is the required fitness level?
To undertake a ski mountaineering ascent, it is necessary to be able to ski on a black slope. Physical endurance, strong legs, and good breath are also required.
FAQ #3 – Is it necessary to have an ABS backpack?
For ski mountaineering trips, the safety kit consisting of an avalanche transceiver (artva), shovel, and probe is mandatory. We provide it if booked within 30 days before the ascent.
FAQ #4 – Can the proposed experiences change?
Certainly! The experiences we offer depend on snow conditions and weather. The assigned guide will suggest similar but alternative routes if the booked excursion is not suitable for the chosen date

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Alagna-Gressoney: majestic ski touring symphony