Mountain caresses: the touch of ski touring on Monte Rosa

If ski mountaineering and freeriding are your passions, if you find yourself falling asleep while searching for ski touring tips on your phone, and if you start your day by calculating the vertical drop between the summit and the valley, then Monte Rosa is the destination for you!
ski touring on Monte Rosa

Located in the three valleys of Alagna, Gressoney, and Champoluc, Monte Rosa offers exciting experiences for those who love the snow-covered mountains.
Here are five reasons why ski touring on Monte Rosa should be your next goal:

  • Monterosa Ski has equipped lift routes dedicated to ski mountaineering enthusiasts who want to conquer their freeride descent. There are plenty of options for all skill levels.
  • The area offers easy routes in a breathtaking environment. From ancient Walser settlements to stunning views of the mountain ranges, Monte Rosa has it all.
  • For those who love freeriding, there are many ski tours with long descents, such as Passo di Zube, Valle Perduta, and Piani di Verra.
  • The Gnifetti hut at 3647m is always open from February 20 to May 5 and offers access to some of the most coveted 4000-meter peaks for ski mountaineering.
  • The local guides are professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for the mountain with visitors.

What are the five-star ski mountaineering routes you can explore?

The tour of Zermatt: the circuit around Monte Rosa which in 4 days touches Alagna, Zermatt, Champoluc and Gressoney.

The Vincent pyramid: the tour with the most spectacular view of the eastern side of Monte Rosa and a descent with the sun in your face!

Val d’Otro: if breaking away from the beaten path is your life philosophy, ski mountaineering in the magical val’Otro is the experience you wouldn’t expect.

The Margherita hut: the most coveted climb for mountain enthusiasts; in the winter environment, it is simply magnificent.

The Castore: the descent on perfect slopes with all the 4000s of the Alps in sight.

What are the sacred summits that beckon the seasoned guides of Monte Rosa

What is the tour you dream of all through autumn, waiting anxiously for the perfect conditions to arrive?

Andrea Tamilla monte Rosa ski guide of Alagna

Andrea told us that his favorite descent is the Passo della Coppa. Why? It has all the elements that the perfect tour should have. A frozen lake, wide slopes to indulge in with turns and technique a long descent with a wild finish! Andrea says it is the perfect tour for those who, like him, feel like a ski mountaineer first and foremost. But appreciate the length of the descents, which with an acceptable altitude difference are reachable from the resort’s lifts.

Riccardo (Ioris) Turini monte Rosa ski guide of Gressoney

Ioris has ambitious dreams: he aims for the saddle between the two Lyskamm, then continues towards the Naso ridge up to the sources of the Lys. He knows that climbing with skis on the Lyskamm edge will not be easy. But when he puts the ski tips down, his adventure will be unique. He dreams of this descent because it is a harmonious mix of solitude and adventure, preparation and intuition. You have to be very experienced to chase Ioris’s dreams. Ioris’s heart also beats for a more magically wild descent: the Passo dell’Uomo Storto. The reason? Ski mountaineering in its purest form. Sunny slopes, varied terrain, steep channels that alternate with sinuous valleys.

Alberto Zucchetti and Teodoro Bizzocchi,

For Teodoro and Alberto the ascent of the Lys pass to ski the Grenz glacier is the heart of their tour. Alberto says: the wild environment of high mountains and the long descent are what I can’t do without. And of course skiing surrounded by the most beautiful peaks of the Valais. Teodoro thinks the Grenz glacier is the most cursedly “running away” fairy tale environment he knows. When Teodoro thinks of this descent, he only has three adjectives in his head: grandiose, surreal and ephemeral.

Alberto Ciannamea, “Cianna” to his friends, monte rosa ski guide from Ayas,

Cianna loves to skin in the afternoon up to the Bettolina pass and descend to Ayas when the sun sets. He loves this descent because “it’s like skiing in the light” but also because that’s often where he finds powder!

If ski touring is your philosophy of life, Monte Rosa with the alpine guides of Monte Rosa is undoubtedly your destination


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