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Pyramid Vincent vs. West Breithorn. Comparing “easy” 4000s

“Looking at the lines of a mountain sets the stage for dreams, where each peak becomes a promise. In the mountains, with friends, you breathe absolute freedom, the kind of freedom that allows you to explore your inner self without limits. You and the mountain become one, as the memories of every climb settle on your skin, blending with the scent of earth and wind. In those moments of effort and risk, you truly understand the beauty and essence of mountaineering. When danger is tangible, the feeling you’ll experience is a mix of adrenaline and serenity. And it will push you to dream of climbing even higher and immediately plan the next peak suitable for you.” Marco Bozzolo, Alpine Guide of Ayas
Marco Bozzolo, Mountain Guide of Ayas

The Western Breithorn is the boundary of our home

When you reach Plateau Rosa from Cervinia, you enter the playground of ski lifts. Through the slopes, after about forty minutes, you reach the Colle del Breithorn. The horizontal ski lift seems to mark the border between the tamed mountain and the wild spaces, with a gaze projecting beyond civilization. On the summit of the Breithorn, you’re often not alone as it’s a sought-after climb. But it’s the necessary first experience to feel how your body reacts to the rarefied air at 4,000 meters. The effort is compensated by immense panoramas, while gentle slopes help adapt to the high altitude. Focused on oneself and fascinated by the changing scenes, glacier crampons, harness, and the rope connecting us to companions. Reaching the broad final ridge is a leap of happiness.

What Alpine guides can tell you about the Vincent Pyramid.

What Alpine guides can tell you about the Vincent Pyramid.

Traversing the Lys Glacier on moderate slopes leads to the 4215 m summit, which leads you into the heart of Monte Rosa. Despite its apparent ease, surpassing the symbolic threshold of 4000 at Colle Vincent means entering the world above. It’s a rite of passage for mountaineers. A world where lightness is not forgiven, and everyone’s awareness comes into play. The mountain does nothing, it ignores and welcomes. It’s just us, choosing to venture, the players in what’s at stake. From this perspective, climbing the Vincent pyramid is not just an ascent but a journey of growth. A path that gradually leads from hiking to mountaineering. Every step is an opportunity to learn and improve, entering the wonderful world of the 4000s with awareness.

The Vincent Pyramid is the balcony overlooking the surrounding world

From the summit of the Vincent pyramid, you can gaze at the most mysterious side of Monte Rosa. The eastern face of Punta Parrot, the Corno Nero, the serac of the Vincent pillar, the southern Ludwigshoe rise above the Piode glacier and compose the skyline of the massif, defining it. Climbing to the top of the Vincent means reading the orography of Monte Rosa, getting inspired, and opening a path in your own life. The Vincent is the first peak that reveals to you what lies ahead; it gives you the perception of beyond. And it will make you dream of the steps you will want to take to climb even higher.

Fell in love with mountains one step at a time

From the Vincent, you’ll have a conscious idea of ​​what the Lyskamm traverse is. You’ll see how the Signal ridge unfolds aerially to reach the Regina Margherita hut, and once at the top, you’ll find a spacious and welcoming peak where you can pause peacefully and plan your future steps orderly.

The Breithorn or the Breithorns?

From the summit of the Western Breithorn begins the watershed ridge between Italy and Switzerland. A mountain ridge that connects the three peaks of the Breithorn group. The Western Breithorn, the Central Breithorn, and the Eastern Breithorn become a reality. It’ll be easy to be tempted to try the traverse to the Central Breithorn. A route on the welcoming ridge that stretches between opposite slopes: technically accessible but psychologically challenging. Becoming seductive will be traversing the ridge that leads, with demanding ups and downs, to the Rocca Nera. The Breithorn traverse is a fundamental stage for those seeking to confront the classic difficulties of high mountain climbing.

Towards high-altitude trekking

From the summit of the Breithorn, the desire to prolong the high-altitude experience is irresistible. Crossing eastwards opens up the possibility of reaching the Lambronecca Refuge, and climbing the Pollux and the Castor the next day becomes a desire. Without realizing it, you will move from the desire for adventure to total immersion in the soul of the Alps, a journey from which you would not turn back.


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