Mountain caresses: the touch of ski touring on Monte Rosa

ski touring on Monte Rosa

If ski mountaineering and freeriding are your passions, if you find yourself falling asleep while searching for ski touring tips on your phone, and if you start your day by calculating the vertical drop between the summit and the valley, then Monte Rosa is the destination for you!

Ascent to Castore: a waltz through my best thoughts

ascent to castor

Between Myth and Reality: My Adventure at the Quintino Sella Refuge and the Ascent to Castore
Castore is a 4000 accessible to many but not for the inexperienced. To conquer its peak, I decided to book a Monte Rosa guide to gain my goal and of being able to look at it from a different perspective

Group Hikes: Advantages and Challenges

group hikes monte rosa

Group hikes on monte rosa are collective excursions that offer a unique opportunity for solo mountaineers to share the experience of climbing a mountain. How do they work and why should you choose to join a gruop hike