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“Beyond the boundary of freeriding

“Our priority is to uncover uncharted territories of Monte Rosa when conditions are optimal, always with utmost respect for the environment and wildlife.”

heliskiing in Alagna and Gressoney, both beloved and controversial, is at the center of our meditations. 

The valleys of Monte Rosa, with their spectacular descents amidst remote and sublime beauty, offer opportunities accessible both with skins and lifts. Often, heliskiing in Alagna or Gressoney is not essential to make our adventures truly fantastic, but when exceptional conditions arise, we have no doubts: it becomes the extra detail that, while not necessarily part of our plans, we enthusiastically embrace when it presents itself.

It’s an unexpected opportunity that enriches the experience, adding a special element to skiing for those who love to soar. When you’re in Alagna, Gressoney, or Champoluc, ask us if conditions permit; we’ll accompany you, explaining the importance of respecting the mountain, an essential requirement for a balanced coexistence between humans and the environment.

Malpensa Alagna 480 € round trip 6/8 seats
Linate Alagna 660 € round trip 6/8 seats
Bergamo Alagna 780 € round trip 6/8 seats
Caselle Alagna 660 € round trip 6/8 seats

Book your guide now, and when you’re in the valleys of Monte Rosa, you can choose to upgrade to heliskiing, with the confidence it will be a truly thrilling adventure.

The guide’s cost is €440 per group per day.

Heliskiing upgrade:

  • Flight with 2 skiers: +€540 per person
  • Flight with 3 skiers: +€390 per person
  • Flight with 4 skiers: +€310 per person

Price includes: flight, flight tax, ABS, safety kit.

Ski clothing and equipment
Safety Kit

Heliskiing is limited to a maximum of 4 participants and requires favorable weather and snow conditions. If heliskiing isn’t feasible, the freeride day with the guide is confirmed.

Take on your Heliskiing challenge with style

Ski guide 440 €