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Group Hikes

The group hikes are a popular option for enthusiasts who share an interest in mountaineering and aim to reduce costs by joining forces. These tours feature a predetermined itinerary, a fixed cost per person, and compliance with local regulations regarding the maximum number of participants per roped team.

No matter if you’re arriving from Alagna, Gressoney, or Champoluc! Our designated meeting point is at Passo dei Salati, the strategic base for all climbs to Monte Rosa. Join other mountaineers and aim for your goal.

Anyone participating in a collective group agrees that a rope team is a non-homogeneous group of people (maximum of 5) who depend on each other. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the pace of the weakest member and to turn back together if one of the participants feels unwell.

Being part of a group means sharing the experience of an ascent with people you will only get to know at the start. Help us understand your level, and we can better match you with suitable groups.