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Monte Rosa: where eternal ice embraces the sky and peaks defy the infinite

Discover the Monte Rosa

The second massif of the italian Alps

By length and importance, Monte Rosa is second in the mountainous chain of the Alps and is the highest in Switzerland. It is situated in the Pennine Alps and it extends into Italian territory into the communes of Alagna Valsesia, Gressoney La Trinitè, Gressoney Saint Jean, Macugnaga and Ayas-Champoluc and into the Swiss communes of Saas Almagell and Zermatt. The highest summit is Punta Dufour at 4.634 meters. Monte Rosa Adventures. 

monte rosa
monte rosa
monte rosa


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The Monte Rosa merges freeride, mountaineering, trekking, ski touring, sport fishing with the millenary Walser tradition, giving life to an authentic atmosphere, to be experienced in freedom between meadows and snow. 

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Arriving in Monte Rosa area with a taxi or a minibus is the easiest and fastest way to start your holiday in style. Fly to Malpensa, Linate or Bergamo Airport to the Monte Rosa valleys.